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SupporterBase - taking the hassle out of distributed organising

Distributed organising is a powerful strategy for growing your movement.

However, we know that for many organisations, managing a network of volunteer-led groups can be a challenge.

First, you have to coordinate communications. Organisers and volunteers often rely on a mix of NationBuilder, Facebook, Slack, Zoom, email and WhatsApp, to be able to send email blasts, filter supporters by group, create events, and ensure personalised follow-up.

SupporterBase simplifies things. It integrates fully with NationBuilder, as well as third-party communications providers. That means that using a single platform you can:

  • Send email blasts and continue engaging through one-on-one email threads;
  • Send SMS blasts and continue one-on-one text message conversations;
  • Create event pages, then track RSVPs and attendees;
  • Create call lists and then easily phone supporters directly;
  • Filter supporters by level of engagement, then contact specific groups by email, SMS or phone call;
  • Automatically keep track of all interactions with supporters across all methods of communication (SMS, email, phone call, event attendance).

Importantly, it does all this via a simplified dashboard that makes onboarding volunteer leaders easy, and which can be customised to suit your organisation’s brand.

Second, you have to safeguard against any risks that naturally arise when giving volunteers greater autonomy over campaign actions. For example, you may be concerned about volunteer leaders sending bulk communications that don’t reflect your campaign’s objectives or values. You may also hesitate to give volunteers access to your database due to privacy concerns, or the risk of them accidentally messing up your precious data management protocols!

SupporterBase was developed to minimise these risks.You can use permission sets so that admins must sign off on all events, SMS and email blasts drafted by your volunteers. Volunteers can also only ever interact with group members and RSVPs for the groups they lead.

Further, volunteer leaders can communicate with supporters directly via SupporterBase but by default will only ever see supporter names (not their contact details), and only for the group to which they have been assigned (not for other supporters across SupporterBase or your nation). If you do need leaders to be able to see supporter phone numbers and emails for any reason, then don’t worry - as an administrator you can activate a number of optional configurations like that to suit your own specific use case (we know one size definitely does not fit all!)

To learn more about how SupporterBase was built with privacy in mind, check out our FAQs.

If you want to learn more about the platform:

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