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SupporterBase updates: August 2020

Throughout August we continued to make improvements to SupporterBase, based on your feedback. We have summarised these below, and full details of fixes, improvements and new features can be reviewed at any time here:


  • Last month we told you we had added support for Two-Factor Authenticiation (2FA). Now, we have also added a configuration (under Settings > Configurations) that lets admins make 2FA mandatory for all users once enabled.
  • We improved the loading of call lists with large numbers of supporters.
  • We increased the frequency wiht which supporter tags are synced with NationBuilder (now every two hours).

New Features

  • It is now possible to update the contact preferences for supporters from within call lists, SMS and email threads, making the opt-out process smoother.
  • We created a new configuration setting that, if enabled, allows leaders to see all upcoming events across an organization’s SupporterBase in the dropdown list when saving an RSVP on behalf of a supporter. By default they only see the events that belong to their group.

Upcoming priorities

We are planning the following product updates:

  • Creating a new advanced filter feature that will allow leaders to target their email and SMS blasts based on more specific queries.
  • Extend the admin configuration options for displaying supporter tag data.
  • Allowing admins to sync tags immediately via the interface.
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