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SupporterBase updates: May 2020

Throughout May we continued to make improvements to SupporterBase, based on your feedback. We have summarised these below, and full details of fixes, improvements and new features can be reviewed at any time here:


  • We improved contact logging, so that NationBuilder does not log a contact for email and SMS blast recipients where sending failed.

New Features - Data sync

  • We added a new feature that allows admins to manually run the sync process between NationBuilder and SupporterBase on demand, to ensure all people data is instantly up to date (rather than waiting for the twice-daily sync process).

New Features - Call lists

  • We released a new feature that allows users to customize exclusion filters/conditions for each call list. This allows you to control how regularly supporters will be contacted when making calls via a list.
  • We created a new option to split call lists into a number of equal parts, making simultaneous calling and the division of labour easier for group leaders and admins.

New Features - Group management

  • We extended the control you have when determining group membership by building a new option that lets you set groups to only include supporters who have all the selected tags (rather than any of the selected tags).

Upcoming priorities

In the remainder of Q2 2020, we are planning the following product updates:

  • Supporting two-factor authentication.
  • Supporting Twilio for SMS and phone call infrastructure to increase the number of countries that can use a local number for sending and receiving messages as well as making calls. This will also provide a pathway to potentially supporting a WhatsApp integration later in the year :)
  • Review admin configuration options for displaying more engagement data for each supporter.
  • Creating an analytics page to give admins a better overview of activity within and across groups.
  • Creating a new billing and usage portal for admins.
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