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Pricing Policy

Calculating subscription pricing

Your monthly subscription charges will depend on the number of supporters in your SupporterBase.

If a growth in supporter numbers means that you have reached a higher pricing tier by the end of the billing period, then you will be charged at the rate associated with that higher tier from the beginning of the following billing period. You can review your expected charges at any time via the billing portal (under Settings in the left hand navigation), which is updated daily to reflect your current supporter numbers.

Similarly, should your supporter numbers drop from one period to the next such that you find yourself in a lower pricing tier, then your monthly charges will be automatically reduced accordingly.

Please note that in calculating subscription pricing:

  • You are charged based only on the number of supporters in SupporterBase, not your overall nation size;
  • Each supporter is only ever counted once, even if they belong to multiple groups.

Third-party charges

To power some of SupporterBase’s key features, we rely on integrations with third-party providers - SendGrid for email and Twilio for SMS and calling.

In addition to your standard monthly SupporterBase subscription payment, you will be liable to pay third-party usage costs, as per the details set out below.

Any applicable usage charges for a given month will be charged at the beginning of the following month (ie any June third-party usage costs will be charged at the beginning of July).

Email usage

All SupporterBase customers can send up to 20,000 emails per month, free of charge. Beyond that, we will pass on any overage charges from SendGrid at cost price (i.e. $0.001 USD per extra email sent).

Phone usage

We cover the monthly phone number registration costs as part of your subscription, at no extra cost to you.

However, we will pass on all phone usage costs (for SMS and phone calls) at the rate we are charged by Twilio, minus any applicable discounts (non-profits are generally eligible for a 25% discount). This amount varies depending on your country and the destination phone numbers you contact. You can consult Twilio’s voice pricing and SMS pricing for further details.