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What is SupporterBase?

We believe in empowering supporters to become leaders

Our Story

  • SupporterBase was launched in 2019 by the same team of digital experts behind the award-winning creative agency for progressives, Code Nation.

    Over the past decade, our team has worked closely with brilliant and dedicated campaign staff and even the well-staffed organisations recognised it takes extra support to achieve long lasting change. This is why, around the world, leading campaigners turned to distributed organising - building sustainable grassroots networks and amplifying their impact by empowering volunteers to take on leadership roles at the local level.

    Our team developed the custom digital tools these organisations use to empower their volunteers, and we decided we wanted to make this powerful organising approach more accessible to progressive everywhere.

  • Team

Our Team

  • Joachim

  • Rhys

  • Viviana

  • Paddy

  • Corey

  • Nic

  • Yolanda

  • Gabriel

Our Clients

  • Kylea Tink
  • David Pocock
  • Dr Monique Ryan
  • Kate Chaney
  • Sophie Scamps
  • MDG
  • Italia Viva
  • Stop Adani
  • GetUp
  • Australian Conservation Foundation
  • Environment Victoria
  • AYCC
  • AP4CA
  • “SupporterBase puts community leaders in control – to engage their community, grow sustainably and run powerful campaigns with one platform for everything, not half-a-dozen. Volunteers have reported they love its simple and clean interface, and that it allows them to share the workload between several group members.”

    “Everyone one at SupporterBase/Code Nation are enthusiastic and helpful, are proactive finding solutions to users needs, and care about the product they put into the world and the people that use it.”

    Tom Grindrod

    Digital Campaigner for Australian Conservation Foundation

  • “SupporterBase offers tangible and meaningful support to our grassroots groups and partner organisations. That translates to being a credible organising-led NGO. But more importantly, it paves the way for big wins! Working closely with the local organisation Save Westernport, we were able to stop a destructive gas project in precious wetlands. SupporterBase was a foundation of our partnership with Save Westernport, as it allowed us to support them to build an engaged list, learn new organising tactics, and to share data between the two organisations for maximum breadth and depth of engagement.”

    “Launching SupporterBase was an experiment for us, and one that was well supported by the team at Code Nation. Not only have they always been quick to respond to requests, but they feel like colleagues who share our goals. The trust we have makes everything easy.”

    Victor Komarovsky

    Organiser at Environment Victoria

  • “Code Nation have worked with GetUp for several years, helping to serve the tech and data needs of our organising program through large-scale campaigns like federal elections.”

    “From improving our SupporterBase tool, to designing a new action website for GetUp volunteers and leaders, Code Nation have given 110% to meet our organisation’s needs and challenges. The team are a delight to work with - always available, patient, friendly and passionate.”

    Caitlin Gordon-King

    Caitlin Gordon-King

    Acting Organising Director for GetUp

  • “SupporterBase has enabled us to empower a team of volunteers to support hundreds of local leaders to host their own campaign events, many for the very first time! This has massively scaled up our grassroots campaign to pressure some of the biggest investment companies in the world to stop funding Adani’s coal, helping us deliver 100+ actions in just one week.”

    “Volunteers with limited technical experience have found SupporterBase easy and intuitive to use. The team at Code Nation supported us the whole way — set-up was smooth, there’s heaps of useful documentation at our fingertips, and they’ve worked with us to customise the platform to deliver on our unique organising goals.”

    Aimee Bull-McMahon

    Digital Campaigner and Organiser for the #StopAdani campaign

  • “SupporterBase is a fantastic, intuitive, and easy-to-use tool that lets our grassroots leaders interact with the network on their own initiative. It allows AYCC to scale its impact by empowering our supporters and I’d recommend it to any organisation looking to make an impact!”

    “The Code Nation team have been a dream to work with, providing friendly and responsive support, as well as taking on key input for features in their development pipeline.”

    David Kohn

    Tech & Data Manager for the Australian Youth Climate Coalition