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SupporterBase - “privacy by design” for big organizing

Distributed organizing is powerful. However, when you give volunteer leader autonomy to engage with your network, it is always important to consider supporter privacy.

That’s why we took a “privacy by design” approach to creating SupporterBase - developing a set of features that supports organizations subject to GDPR requirements, as well as those with a focus on privacy more generally.

  • Volunteer leaders can communicate with supporters directly via SupporterBase but by default will only ever see supporter names (not their contact details).
  • Volunteer leaders can only see the names of, and contact, members of the group to which they have been assigned.
  • Supporters can have their data deleted on request.
  • All of NationBuilder’s existing features for requesting and tracking consent are available for organizations to use on their supporter group signup forms and event pages.
  • Your organization is able to structure your data processes to ensure that you only apply the relevant supporter group tags to individuals who have explicitly opted-in to joining a supporter group. This can be done by creating supporter group signup pages that request explicit consent and apply the group’s tags to supporters once that consent is provided.
  • When syncing supporter data from NationBuilder, SupporterBase honors all existing consent preferences across the full range of NationBuilder’s opt-in and opt-out fields for each supporter. For example, supporters will not be contactable through SupporterBase if they have the “do not contact” option selected under their profile in NationBuilder.
  • No additional personal information is stored in SupporterBase outside of the data saved under the supporter’s corresponding profile in the organization’s nation.

As an organization, you’ll also want to ensure admins and leaders are complying your particular privacy and data policies. To help you ensure compliance, we offer a feature which allows each organization to include their own custom terms of use and privacy agreement that all admins and leaders must accept before being able to access the service.

So there you have it! With SupporterBase you can empower your volunteers and build your movement, while protecting the privacy of your supporters.

If you have further questions or would like to discuss ways to ensure SupporterBase fits your organization’s specific privacy and data policy requirements, please get in touch:

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