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SupporterBase updates: June 2020

Throughout June we continued to make improvements to SupporterBase, based on your feedback. We have summarised these below, and full details of fixes, improvements and new features can be reviewed at any time here:


  • We updated the call lists feature to allow multiple leaders to work through the same call list simultaneously without duplicating effort or inadvertently contacting anyone more often than intended.
  • We optimized the inbound email process, to improve and speed up the syncing of inbound email contact details with the relevant supporter.
  • We improved page load speeds when using the “New/Edit supporter” form, which was experiencing some lag time for organizations with large numbers of supporter tags.

New Features

  • We have now added support for Twilio as an alternative for powering the SMS and calling features within SupporterBase. Twilio offers improved international coverage, a strong reputation for service, and is currently working on a new product that would pave the way for us to integrate with WhatsApp later in the year.
  • To add an extra layer of consent, as well as provide additional oversight of the group membership process, we added optional email notifications associated with a new member signing up to a group. These options can be configured under Settings > Mailers.
  • As part of the launch of the new pricing structure, we created a new billing portal within SupporterBase (under Settings), where you can view your upcoming charges and update your payment details.
  • Previously admins and other point people were not able to delete actions (i.e. bulk emails, SMS and events) pending their approval. Now they can :)

Upcoming priorities

We are planning the following product updates:

  • Supporting two-factor authentication.
  • Review admin configuration options for displaying more engagement data for each supporter.
  • Creating an analytics page to give admins a better overview of activity within and across groups.
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