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Our pricing is designed to provide an entry point for organisations of all sizes.

Everyone has access to the full suite of features you need to have an impact, and your subscription price will only grow when your movement does.

To calculate your monthly subscription price, simply select the total number of supporters you expect to engage through SupporterBase.

  • Flexible plans

    US$49/ month
    Prices are based on the number of people in your SupporterBase, not your overall nation size
  • Three user permission types to manage workflows, approvals and data access
  • Filter supporters by tags, levels of engagement and advanced custom queries
  • Targeted email blasts and peer-to-peer emails
  • Support for an interface in your language!
  • One on one phone calls
  • Targeted SMS blasts and peer-to-peer text messages
  • Up to 20,000 emails per month
  • Community-led event creation and management
  • Automatic, two-way sync of data between NationBuilder and SupporterBase
  • SMS and email inboxes for threaded conversations with incoming replies
  • Phone banking with our call list feature
  • A new NationBuilder theme displaying a searchable map of all local groups and events (or the plugin code to add to your existing Bootstrap-based theme)

You can find further details on our usage policies, including with regard to third party services like SMS and calling, here