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Building a global movement with SupporterBase: NOW!

29 March 2020

The brief When the NOW! team approached us in 2019 with their plans, we were struck by the boldness of their ambition. Founders Colombe Cahen-Salvador and Andrea Venzon planned to launch a new movement that would push for humanity to work as one to solve the biggest challenges of our time. Through...

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Who is SupporterBase for?

29 November 2019

Every so often we get asked something along the lines of: “what kind of organization could benefit from SupporterBase”? It’s a fair question. SupporterBase draws on advanced campaigning principles of volunteer empowerment and distributed organizing. These can be powerful elements of a successful organizing strategy, but they are not necessarily for everyone....

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Why Environment Victoria chose SupporterBase to power their volunteer network

11 September 2019

Deciding on new tech infrastructure for your movement can be hard. We hope our self-directed demo helps make it easier for you to decide whether SupporterBase is right for you. We are also available for live walk-throughs and Q&A sessions at any time ( But sometimes you want to hear from a...

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SupporterBase - “privacy by design” for big organizing

26 August 2019

Distributed organizing is powerful. However, when you give volunteer leader autonomy to engage with your network, it is always important to consider supporter privacy. That’s why we took a “privacy by design” approach to creating SupporterBase - developing a set of features that supports organizations subject to GDPR requirements, as well as...

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SupporterBase - taking the hassle out of distributed organizing

22 July 2019

Distributed organizing is a powerful strategy for growing your movement. However, we know that for many organizations, managing a network of volunteer-led groups can be a challenge. First, you have to coordinate communications. Organizers and volunteers often rely on a mix of NationBuilder, Facebook, Slack, Zoom, email and WhatsApp, to be able...

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Introducing SupporterBase

1 July 2019

Distributed organizing helps campaigners grow their movement by empowering a network of committed volunteers to start and lead their own groups. In recent years, the strategy has become increasingly popular, and for good reason. In the US, the Bernie Sanders 2016 primary campaign has become the poster child for what can be...

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