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SMS driving real cut-through with grassroots campaigns

You only need to look at your phone’s ‘screen time’ report (trigger warning, it’s depressing!) to verify how glued we are to our devices. Even as I write this article, I can hear my phone pinging from the next room and it’s hard to ignore! This is why SMS has such a high open and response rate. It feels personal and truly stands out from all the other advertising noise we’re flooded with daily. So why not harness the power of SMS for your community-driven campaigns? We’ve seen it achieve real cut through for our clients. Here’s why: 

Cost and effectiveness: Compared to other marketing channels like television, radio, or print media, SMS campaigns are relatively cost-effective and texts have an open rate of 98%.

Clear, concise call to action: The character limit for SMS messages forces organisers to keep their content short, concise, and focused. This captures your supporters’ attention and conveys the main message quickly. 

Genuine engagement: When new supporters provide their personal phone numbers and consent to receive messages, they’re more likely to be interested and engaged with the campaign.

Timely communication: Most importantly, SMS drives greater attendance at events or volunteer activities, with the message not getting lost in an inbox (or blocked by spam filters), only to be opened and read after the action has already taken place!

SMS blasts in action

In Australia’s last federal election, community independents rallied their volunteers to join snap events using targeted SMS blasts - all created within minutes via SupporterBase. One of these campaigns managed to round up over 100 volunteers with signs to a busy street intersection in Melbourne (while it was raining!), in response to a smear campaign from the opposition. They’d assembled within only an hour of the SMS blast being sent out.

More recently in Queensland, The Animal Justice Party (AJP), used the SMS tool within the platform to supercharge their recruitment of paid members, the lifeblood of political parties. AJP National Administration Assistant, Meg Watkins, says, “Queensland has managed to sign up a record-breaking 300+ members in the last few days, largely thanks to our use of SupporterBase.”

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