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Do you know how SupporterBase integrates with NationBuilder websites?

SupporterBase is a user-friendly platform that syncs with your NationBuilder CRM. It was developed to provide your volunteer leaders with the data and communication tools they need to effectively manage their own local groups, without ever needing to log in to your NationBuilder account or have access to your entire database.

Within the SupporterBase interface, your volunteer leaders have access to a range of communication tools to engage with local supporters, including 1:1 and bulk SMS and emails, as well as call lists and event creation and management functionality.

Importantly, SupporterBase can also be integrated with your NationBuilder website. For example, events created by your volunteer leaders in SupporterBase can be pulled through to your NationBuilder website, providing an easy way to promote an event and capture RSVP details. This approach can be a powerful way of scaling your volunteer activities, as demonstrated by several campaigns at the 2022 Australian federal election.

Let’s walk you through the simple process of how your volunteer leaders can create, manage and drive attendance at events using SupporterBase and your website…

Step # 1: Create a new event in the SupporterBase platform.

This event can appear on your NationBuilder website’s calendar page for supporters to RSVP. We can also help you set up a system of filters for your calendar page, to help supporters sort by the type of event they are interested in (i.e. “door knocking”) or location.

Step # 2: Continue using SupporterBase to send targeted email and/or SMS blasts to promote the event.

Step # 3: Use SupporterBase to check RSVPs for your event.

Step # 4: Send a follow up SMS blast, email blast or create a call list based on the invitees’ RSVP status (handy for communicating last minute event changes, confirming attendance, and managing any post-event follow up!).

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Welcome to SupporterBase, your hub for streamlined volunteer management. Our software empowers you to organize supporters. Explore our volunteer management software and discover how our community management tools can elevate your engagement strategy. We’ve got your needs covered.

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