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ACF and SupporterBase: The Campaign Power Couple

The Australian Conservation Foundation is using our powerful organising tool, SupporterBase, to coordinate their well-established community of volunteers in the lead up to the Australian federal election, and we spoke with their Digital Organiser, Isadora Poole, to learn how.

About The Australian Conservation Foundation

The Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) is Australia’s national environment organisation, with 700,000 members advocating against pollution and destruction of our living world. ACF was formed 55 years ago and is proudly independent, non-partisan and funded by donations from the community. Harnessing the power of their supporters, ACF campaigns to take on big polluting companies and influence decision-making in Australian politics.

The Together We Can campaign

With such an enormous volunteer base, ACF has the opportunity to amplify the solutions to the climate and extinction crisis that are here now, in the lead up to and beyond the Federal Election. ACF is focused on lobbying the government to cut climate pollution by at least 50% through the Together We Can campaign, to encourage their existing supporters to be more active, and recruit people from their respective networks to take action. The campaign’s key goal is to surround the Federal Government with a range of voices calling for action to more than halve our emissions this decade.

Together We Can is mobilising a collection of everyday Australians, groups and businesses from all over the country who want more action taken to address climate change. The campaign’s core strategy is to amplify the solutions that are here now and share stories of everyday Australians with government leaders via a range of different campaigning channels, to show the breadth of support for climate action across the country.

SupporterBase’s role in Together We Can

According to Poole, Together We Can is front of mind for the ACF team, and they are using our organising tool, SupporterBase, to coordinate the roll-out of the campaign’s planned volunteering activities, such as delivering the results for Climate Poll 2.0, distributing signs around the community, street art, door knocking, letter-boxing, wobble-boarding outside the offices of Ministers of Parliament, running trainings and workshops, as well as organising solutions-based forums and weekly community-led events.

For the most part, volunteer leaders and their local groups across Australia have autonomy over which of these activities they’ll deliver and how. SupporterBase empowers volunteers to plan and execute their chosen activities, while at the same time providing the ACF campaign team with oversight, with platform features that offer permission settings, insights into useful data and reporting.

The key to volunteers embracing new tech

Poole, who has experience working across a range of different organisations and managing community groups, recalls how difficult and time consuming organising processes could be, and says she noticed a higher level of productivity facilitated by SupporterBase at ACF.

Poole praised her predecessor at ACF, who did a wonderful job at inducting volunteers to the SupporterBase platform and setting up a process for ongoing training. New users are guided through a 1.5 hour training workshop on the platform, and these workshops are facilitated by ACF every six months, ensuring they make the most out of people power through distributed organising.

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