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The right of supporters to access and correct their own data

Upon request, data controllers (ie SupporterBase admins) are able to provide supporters with access to a record of their personal data.

This can be managed via your organisation’s NationBuilder account, which is synced with SupporterBase. To do so:

  1. Navigate to your nation’s control panel (“”);
  2. Run through the steps to export the data of the relevant supporter, as per the support documentation provided by NationBuilder:
  3. The supporter’s data will be downloaded in CSV form, and a record of the export will be made in your nation.
    • It is important to note that in SupporterBase, less of the supporter’s data will be shown than in your nation. In order to allow volunteer leaders greater autonomy, a key principle of SupporterBase has also been to restrict access to only the data absolutely necessary for volunteer leaders to manage their local group. For further information on which SupporterBase users see what data, you can review this here.
  4. This record can be sent to the supporter in question, who has the right to request any and all of this data be corrected or erased.
  5. For further information on erasing supporters from your SupporterBase, you can review this article.