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Erasing supporter data

Your supporters have the right to be erased from your SupporterBase and to be forgotten, upon request. The below sets out the options for removing supporters from groups and erasing supporter data from your SupporterBase.

Unsubscribe from SupporterBase, but not NationBuilder

If a supporter wants to be removed from SupporterBase groups but remain in your NationBuilder account, this can be achieved via any of the following methods:

  • They may unsubscribe from their group(s) via the main /unsubscribe page. A link to this page is included in the footer of all outgoing emails.
  • You may configure exclusion tags for each group in SupporterBase and add those to the supporter’s profile in NationBuilder.
  • An admin or captain may directly remove a supporter from a group through SupporterBase. It is also possible for a vice-captain to initiate a supporter’s removal, subject to approval by an admin or captain.

As a result of one of the actions above, the supporter will no longer appear in the respective SupporterBase group(s) and will therefore no longer be contactable by group leaders, but their data will remain in your organisation’s NationBuilder account. This option is generally suitable if the supporter no longer wishes to participate in their local SupporterBase groups (including receiving communications), but still wishes to be contacted by your organisation more broadly.

Removal from NationBuilder as well as SupporterBase

If a profile is deleted or permanently deleted in your NationBuilder account (e.g. following these instructions, or in response to an erasure request) then that profile will automatically be removed from your organisation’s SupporterBase. This includes removal or anonymisation of the profile’s associated activity history (e.g. past email and SMS exchanges handled through SupporterBase).

As a result of the above, any supporters removed from NationBuilder will automatically cease to appear in all groups, events and RSVP lists within SupporterBase. Furthermore, if a supporter has been permanently deleted in NationBuilder then it will no longer be possible to add that same supporter to SupporterBase at any point in the future (similar to how NationBuilder will block attempts to reintroduce the person’s data to the nation). This is true as a supporter profile cannot exist in SupporterBase without a corresponding NationBuilder profile.