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Data privacy in SupporterBase

By default, group leaders (captains and vice-captains) can only see the following details for supporters in groups to which they have been assigned:

  • the full names of supporters within their particular group, and cannot view their email and phone numbers. SupporterBase enables direct email and phone communication between group leaders and supporters without showing contact details. Group leaders cannot see any details of supporters in groups where they are not a leader or recruiter.
  • A record of the last three forms of contact with the supporter.
  • Any background notes on the supporter’s engagement with your group or organisation.
  • The supporter’s city, but not full address
  • Previous event RSVPs.
  • Levels of engagement for supporters.

There is a configuration option available to admins that allows them to give permission to group leaders to view supporter phone numbers and email addresses, if that is consistent with their particular privacy policy and organising preferences. However, this is turned off by default. To enable this setting, admins can:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Configurations, in the left-hand side menu.
  2. For emails, scroll down to the configuration option “Enable group leaders to see supporter emails”. Then set the value to “True”.
  3. For phone numbers, scroll down to the configuration option “Enable group leaders to see supporter phone numbers”. Then set the value to “True”.


Admins have all the same access to supporter data as captains and vice-captains, except they can access that data for all supporters across all supporter groups. Additionally, they can access:

  • The full email addresses of supporters;
  • The full phone numbers of supporters;
  • All tags for supporters, in addition to their level of engagement.