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SupporterBase Features

SupporterBase has the features you need to grow and sustain your grassroots network. It empowers your volunteer leaders, simplifies your distributed organising processes, and protects your supporters.


Give volunteer leaders the tools they need to grow and sustain your organisation’s grassroots network. Leaders can:

  • Create and manage events, including RSVP tracking.
  • Communicate with supporters via one-to-one email threads and bulk emails that can be targeted based on filters and tags.
  • Engage fellow supporters with one-to-one SMS threads and bulk SMS that can be targeted based on filters and tags.
  • Make one-off phone calls to supporters via the interface.
  • Run automated phone banking campaigns through SupporterBase, with call lists that can be targeted based on filters, and then divided between multiple leaders to spread the workload and maximise your impact.
  • Review email performance with in-built analytics.


Remove the barriers to effective volunteer-led organising, with:

  • A simplified user interface, that gives volunteer leaders the key tools they need to build and manage their network, without the complexity of admin-centric CRMs.
  • Easy to use systems for logging contacts and adding new supporters.
  • A central place to manage all communications with supporters.
  • Supporter data that automatically syncs with your NationBuilder database.
  • Role-based workflows that streamline who does what, when.


Protect the data and privacy of your supporters, as well as your organisation’s reputation, with:

  • Role-based data access, where volunteer leaders only see the supporter data they need. Volunteer leaders can engage supporters without ever seeing supporter phone numbers, addresses or emails. Leaders can only access the names and activity of supporters in the group(s) that they lead.
  • Role-based approval processes for bulk communications and new events.
  • Customisable terms of use.
  • Support for two-factor authentication.
  • GDPR compliance, including systems for managing consent and opt-outs.
  • Separate databases for each and every SupporterBase customer.
  • Admin oversight of all activity across your network.