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Obtaining genuine and informed consent of users is an important principle of data privacy and processing, including under the GDPR.

SupporterBase is designed to ensure your supporters only have their information stored and are only contactable via SupporterBase, if they have provided consent.

By default, SupporterBase only extracts a specific subset of supporter data from your organisation’s connected NationBuilder account. This subset includes all profiles who have at least one of the tags explicitly associated with a supporter group, as well as the profiles of all admins, leaders and other users with password access to your SupporterBase.

As such, your organisation is able to structure your data processes to ensure that you only apply the relevant supporter group tags to individuals who have explicitly opted-in to joining a supporter group. This can be done by creating supporter group signup pages that request explicit consent and apply the group’s tags to supporters once that consent is provided. (Please note that, if the optional “Autocomplete search” feature is enabled, then SupporterBase will sync all people data from your organisation’s NationBuilder account).

Furthermore, when syncing supporter data from NationBuilder, SupporterBase honors all existing consent preferences across the full range of NationBuilder’s opt-in and opt-out fields for each supporter. For example, supporters will not be contactable through SupporterBase if they have the “do not contact” option selected under their profile in NationBuilder. Similarly:

  • they will not be emailable through SupporterBase unless the “receive emails” option is selected for their profile;
  • they will not be contactable via SMS within SupporterBase unless the “receive texts” option is selected for their profile; and
  • they will not be callable through SupporterBase if the “do not call” option is selected for their profile
  • lastly, no additional personal information is stored in SupporterBase outside of the data saved under the supporter’s corresponding profile in the organisation’s nation.