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Branding, Imagery and Video FAQs

Is it possible to include images and videos on supporter group pages and events?

Yes, it’s possible to drag and drop images directly into the content editor when creating/editing events in SupporterBase. This is true for the page content as well as the autoresponder content.

You can also embed videos from YouTube and Vimeo in the page content for supporter groups and events by following the same process as you do in NationBuilder. Simply include the video URL on its own line without any styles (e.g. no bold text or colors), and without making it a hyperlink.

Can supporter group pages and events be styled by our organisation’s staff members, or by local leaders?

Yes, it is definitely possible to update the style and layout of supporter group pages and events in the same way you control the design of all the other pages of your nation’s websites. You have various options to ensure group pages and events look and function exactly how you need:

  1. First of all, you can choose whether you wish to:
    • Connect your main organizational website to your new SupporterBase
      • In this case all group pages and events will automatically use your website’s styles and layout. In addition, our team of NationBuilder architects can add the extra SupporterBase features to your existing theme (e.g. to show a map of all supporter groups, and to include a member signup form on each supporter group page)
    • Create a new site exclusively for the purpose of showing all your groups publicly
      • In this case we can share a special SupporterBase theme with your nation to ensure you have all the features you need. It is built on the latest Bootstrap 4 theme that NationBuilder released in July 2019
      • Furthermore, our team of NationBuilder architects can update the top nav menu, footer, colors and fonts of the new site to match your main organizational website.
  2. Once your chosen website is connected to your new SupporterBase your team can always revise the layout and styles of any or all group pages and events whenever you need. This is possible as those pages all exist within NationBuilder, so you can control the design and functionality of each of them in the same way you can manage all the other pages in your nation’s websites.
  3. For their part, local leaders can update the content of their group’s landing page and events. They won’t have any control over the styes or layout of those pages (unless you give them access to your nation), but they can edit the text and images to provide up-to-date information to prospective members and event attendees.