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Calling FAQs

Is it possible to show tags on supporter profiles and to filter by those tags (e.g. so the group leaders can see additional detail about supporter engagement)?

Absolutely - you can configure your SupporterBase to show whatever tags you need for each supporter. The reason we don’t display all NationBuilder tags for each profile by default is that some supporters may have lots of tags that aren’t relevant to group leaders (and the naming conventions for tags may not always be appropriate or easy-to-understand for group leaders). As such, admins are able to decide which tags should be visible and give appropriate names to those tags. To do that, you can navigate to the “Tag filters” section of your SupporterBase and create the filters you need based on NationBuilder tags. Profiles in SupporterBase will display the full list of matching tag filters, and leaders can search by those tags to find all supporters in their group who have a given tag.

How does the calling feature work?

When the call button is clicked for an individual supporter profile, the logged in leader will receive a call on their mobile number (which they can edit at any time by clicking “update profile”). Once the group leader answers the call, the supporter’s number will then automatically be dialled and they will be connected to the call. In this way, the supporter’s number is never visible to the leader, and vice versa. You will have used similar features for handling calls while protecting phone numbers if you have ever contacted a driver through a ride-share service. As an additional bonus in SupporterBase, there is also a call lists feature for more seamlessly handling multiple phone calls one after the other and tracking each contact as you go.